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4D Imaging in Tomography and Optical Nanoscopy

Thèse - University of Muenster, Germany - july 2010
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Short Abstract:
This thesis contributes to the field of mathematical image processing and inverse problems. An inverse problem is a task, where the values of some model parameters must be computed from observed data. Such problems arise in a wide variety of applications in sciences and engineering, such as medical imaging, biophysics or astronomy. We mainly consider reconstruction problems with Poisson noise in tomography and optical nanoscopy. In the latter case, the task is to reconstruct images from blurred and noisy measurements, whereas in positron emission tomography the task is to visualize physiological processes of a patient. In 3D static image reconstruction standard methods do not incorporate time-dependent information or dynamics, e.g. heart beat or breathing in tomography or cell motion in microscopy. This thesis is a treatise on models, analysis and efficient algorithms to solve 3D and 4D time-dependent inverse problems.

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