December 10-12, 2011

Operator Session of the 2011 CMS Winter Meeting

Organizers: Pinar Colak, George Elliott, Daniel Hay, Zhiqiang Li, Henning Petzka, Adam Sierakowski, Aaron Tikuisis, and Nicola Watson

Here are the slides from the talks.

Michael Brannan - On the von Neumann algebras associated to quantum permutation groups
Man-Duen Choi - The symmetric structure of the Cuntz Algebra on two generators
Nhan-Phu Chung - Entropy, homoclinic group, algebraic actions and von Neumann algebras
Ilijas Farah - Group cohomology and automorphisms of corona algebras
Ryan Hamilton - Pick interpolation and operator algebras
Evgenios Kakariadis - Dilations of C*-correspondences
Matthew Kennedy - The structure of an isometric tuple
Marcelo Laca - C*-algebras of Toeplitz type from number fields
Greg Maloney - Computing the K-theory of one-dimensional mixed substitution tiling spaces
James Mingo - Second Order Even and R-diagonal Operators
Norio Nawata - Fundamental group of uniquely ergodic Cantor minimal systems
Luis Santiago - Recovering the Elliott invariant from the Cuntz semigroup
Dilian Yang - Analytic free semigroup algebras and Hopf algebras